Direct Memory Access

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direct memory access

[də¦rekt ¦mem·rē ′ak‚ses]
(computer science)
The use of special hardware for direct transfer of data to or from memory to minimize the interruptions caused by program-controlled data transfers. Abbreviated dma.

Direct Memory Access

(DMA) A facility of some architectures which allows a peripheral to read and write memory without intervention by the CPU. DMA is a limited form of bus mastering.
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Russell has been an esteemed member of the University of New Hampshire faculty for more than 30 years and has worked with the InterOperability Laboratory's iSCSI (Internet Small Computer Systems Interconnect) consortium, iWARP (the family of protocols for remote direct memory access over TCP/IP) consortium, and the OpenFabrics Interoperability Logo Program.
Those impressive performance results have been achieved in conjunction with Mellanox Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) technology with Windows Server 2012 R2, and they demonstrate the productivity gain that InfiniBand enables in virtualized data centers when running over Microsoft Hyper-V.
NCQ uses First Party DMA to allow the drive set up Direct Memory Access (DMA) operation for a data transfer without host software intervention.
The single chip, which contains a powerful SAR engine, RISC microprocessor, 32-bit direct memory access (DMA) bus controller, and multiple bus targets for high performance multimedia applications, is the foundation of this first set of ATM offerings.
WAVjammer utilizes Direct Memory Access (DMA) emulation and can buffer large blocks of data for multimedia applications which cannot tolerate a stop in the data stream.
As a single chip solution that integrates all necessary hardware to implement IrDA, the ASDL-7021 also includes an on-chip buffer memory and direct memory access (DMA) that enables it to access peripheral IO and memory from its system bus.
Direct Memory Access (DMA) operation is provided by the Model 110B increasing CPU productivity by reading data quickly, and freeing the CPU for other tasks.

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