Direct Memory Access

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direct memory access

[də¦rekt ¦mem·rē ′ak‚ses]
(computer science)
The use of special hardware for direct transfer of data to or from memory to minimize the interruptions caused by program-controlled data transfers. Abbreviated dma.

Direct Memory Access

(DMA) A facility of some architectures which allows a peripheral to read and write memory without intervention by the CPU. DMA is a limited form of bus mastering.
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0 w/ phy integration, the MPC8313E provides a 32-bit double data rate (DDR1/DDR2) memory controller running up to 333 MHz, a 32-bit peripheral component interconnect (PCI) controller, a 16-bit local bus and four direct memory access (DMA) channels.
Unlike the earlier-generation processing technologies that have been used up to this point, an efficient SNAP design is optimized for processing TCP/IP and ULPs like iSCSI, Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA).
Open Fabric Network File System/Remote Direct Memory Access (NFS/RDMA).
InfiniBand I/O is the only open standard available today with remote direct memory access (RDMA).
Parallel databases, including Oracle Parallel Server, IBM DB2 UDB EEE, and Microsoft SQL Server 2000 were early adopters of VI, exploiting the benefits of direct memory access.
Besides a baseband processor, it includes an ARM processor, a digital front-end core, a forward-error-coding unit and a direct memory access engine for accelerating data transfers.

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