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Both building form and external skin respond to the sun path; self-shading where required; more solid to prevent heat gain and loss; more transparent where sun angles prevent direct solar gain.
Limited shading on window areas to reduce direct solar gain
Canopies inspired by the form and function of a leaf create an inviting-shaded realm, minimising direct solar gain, as well as harvesting-energy and water.
According to Zeigler, technologies that have the greatest impact on occupant comfort, health, and productivity are the use of non-VOC-containing building materials, paints, sealants, and adhesives; elimination of cigarette and cigar smoke and other airborne contaminants; provision of adequate fresh/outdoor air; proper air filtration; proper humidity control; the use of natural daylighting and well-designed lighting systems including indirect lighting and task lighting; natural ventilation; individual thermal comfort/zone control; and use of energy-efficient windows, solar controls, and other measures to reduce winter-time drafts and control direct solar gain and glare during the cooling season.
In the colder months, the house is heated by direct solar gain, a solar-powered radiant slab heating system, and a heat-circulating fireplace.
Built in 2010, the center is designed to blend in with other buildings on campus and integrates energy-efficient features like trellises and overhangs to reduce direct solar gain on the south and west face of the building.
After summing up the direct solar gain entering the room from exterior windows, the direct-diffuse solar gain can be calculated from the DDF factor and the surface reflectance values.
For the 'shop windows', external louvres control direct solar gain along the glazed perimeter.
Outdoor window and door shade products, such as awnings, reduce direct solar gain through home windows.
Windows can also cause discomfort by affecting the mean radiant temperature, drafts, and direct solar gains (Lyons et al.

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