Direction Cosines

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Direction Cosines


The direction cosines of a line / are the cosines of the direction angles, where the direction angles α, β, and γ are the angles between a vector along the line / and the positive directions of, respectively, the Ox-axis, Oy-axis, and Oz-axis of a rectangular coordinate system. The direction cosines are related by the equation

cos2α + cos2β + cos2 γ = 1

Figure 1. Directional blasting: (a) ejection blasting using blasthole charge, (b) ejection blasting using two chamber charges, (c) collapse blasting using blasthole charge, and (d) collapse blasting using chamber charge; (1) free surface of mass, (2) explosive charge, (3) trajectory of rock fragments, (4) contour of blasting excavation, (5) heap of rock after blasting, (6) explosive charge detonated in second phase, (7) trajectory of fragments from second explosion, (8) heap of rock after second explosion, and (9) contour of excavation after second explosion

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In this paper, we discuss segmentation method uses three angles [alpha], [beta], [gamma] to control the surface area, boundary angle through (Cos[alpha], Cos[beta], and Cos[gamma]) and Boundary Direction Cosine (BDC).
The Direction Cosine (Cosine angle) of first object (hemisphere) about axis of x, about axis of y, about axis of z respectively are Cos ([[alpha].
Find the actual direction cosine between hemisphere and cubide.
if Boundary Direction Cosine (BDC) of normal are L, M, N then [L.

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