Dirichlet Problem

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Dirichlet problem

[‚dē·rē′klā ‚präb·ləm]
To determine a solution to Laplace's equation which satisfies certain conditions in a region and on its boundary.

Dirichlet Problem


(named after P. G. L. Dirichlet), the problem of finding a harmonic function from its values given on the boundary of the region under consideration.

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In this sense, we study the following Dirichlet problem of a complex Monge-Ampere type
In that case, as a remedy, one should switch the interface conditions and solve a Dirichlet problem on the larger subdomain.
It is known that the Poisson kernel function is an analogue of the Cauchy kernel for the analytic functions and the Poisson integral formula solves the Dirichlet problem for the inhomogeneous Laplace equation.
The method of least squares on the boundary was also used in [15] to solve the first Dirichlet problem on rectangle.
We consider the following auxiliary Dirichlet problem
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