disc tumbler lock

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cylindrical lock

cylindrical lock
A bored lock which has a cylindrical case into which a separate latchbolt case fits.
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Thieves snapped off brake disc lock and stole a Honda motorcycle.
This week, an Aprilia RS 125 was taken from a driveway in Booth Road, Wednesbury, even though it was fitted with an alarm, a steering lock and a disc lock.
Like the best way to pick up a dropped pride and joy (forgotten disc lock, anyone?
NWHEN you use a disc lock, put a bit of rubber over your key so the time you forget its on and try to ride off, (everyone does), you won't be able to get your key in the ignition.
Disc lock on wheel removed and black Aprilia motor cycle YN07CHK stolen.
The bike, registration number KX05YEE, was alarmed and also had a yellow wheel disc lock attached to it.
Consumers who have purchased an Evolution lock, KryptoLok lock, New York Chain, New York Noose, Evolution Disc Lock, KryptoDisco or DFS Disc Lock in the last two years are eligible for a product upgrade free of charge from Kryptonite.
Raider cut padlock on a gate to get into grounds of residential farm then went into insecure shed and cut disc lock from rear of a motorbike inside.
Pre Qualification: Inlet Valve And Valve Disc Lock, Drg.
Pre Qualification: Exhaust Valve And Valve Disc Lock, Drg.