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style of popular music that flourished during the 1970s. Originating in the United States, it evolved mainly from funk, soul, and salsa and became popular worldwide. Characterized by a heavy, thumping rock and roll beat, a soulful singing style, and surging orchestrations, disco was primarily dance music, and it became the dominant musical feature of clubs throughout the country as the 1970s progressed. The music was particularly popular in the gay community, where its songs became anthems for new freedom and visibility. The first disco song is said to have been recorded in 1972; the style's heyday ran from 1973 to 1979. Among the major stars of disco were Abba, the Bee Gees, Gloria Gaynor, Labelle, Sister Sledge, Donna Summer, and the Village People. In the 1980s a strong counterreaction emerged to disco and its dominance of the pop music scene, but the style has exerted a lasting influence on pop music.


See studies by A. H. Goldman (1978), E. Haas (1994), J.-M. Andriote (2001), A. Jones and J. Kantonen (2001), A. Echols (2010), and P. Shapiro (2010).


Microsoft's lightweight counterpart to UDDI for discovering Web services. Directed more to organizations that want to implement Web services internally, Disco is included in the .NET Framework. See UDDI.
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SHOWTIME The Tyne Theatre Stage School performance in Eldon Square included a repertoire spanning cheerleading to disco dancing
A YOUNG dancer battled through the pain barrier in a strenuous disco dancing competition yesterday.
The teams danced the night away at St Andrew's Church hall in Eston and more than 300 youngsters were there to cheer them on to a place in the National Association of Youth Clubs regional disco dancing finals in Leeds.
YOUNGSTERS with a flair for disco dancing are being invited to enter a free competition at a Black Country hotel.
15pm: Choir Yrs 6 & under (non-school branches); Recitation Group Yrs 9 & under (non-school branches); Individual Disco Dancing Yrs 9 & under
Meanwhile, sightseeing is the top choice at 87 per cent, followed by swimming (66 per cent), walking (63 per cent), disco dancing (47 per cent) and wine tasting (43 per cent).
They travel all over the country and hold the British titles for disco dancing, teams and solos.
ROUTINE: Harry shows off his disco dancing prowess for polo friend Claire at the weekend
But unlike Eminem, the youngster also enjoys disco dancing and has appeared in a long list of pantomimes and musicals.
After a night of disco dancing they headed home, happy in the knowledge that they had been given a day off from training yesterday.
When they think 'Saturday Night Fever,' they think it's about John Travolta, the Bee Gees music, the white suit and disco dancing.