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discus throwing,

gymnastic exercise of the ancient Greeks, revived in modern times, especially as part of the Olympic gamesOlympic games,
premier athletic meeting of ancient Greece, and, in modern times, series of international sports contests. The Olympics of Ancient Greece

Although records cannot verify games earlier than 776 B.C.
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 (in which it is an event of the decathlondecathlon
, in modern Olympic games, a contest for men held over two days and composed of 10 track-and-field events. It consists of the long jump; the high jump; the discus throw; the shot putt; the javelin throw; the 100-, 400-, and 1,500-meter races; the 110-meter hurdle race;
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) and as an event of most other track and field meets. The discus used to be thrown with either hand, the arm extended backward and the discus against the forearm. The discus for men is a circular disk of wood with a metal rim, weighs 4 lb 6.5 oz (2 kg), and is 8 5-8 in. (22 cm) in diameter. For women the discus is half this weight and slightly smaller in diameter. In modern discus throwing, the athlete rotates several times within a circle 8 ft 2 1-2 in. (2.5 m) in diameter before releasing the discus. Generally, three throws are permitted, the best one scoring. Highly skilled competitors throw the discus 230 ft (70 m) or more.
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Abid with 23 points was declared best athlete of the Year2015 by winning four gold medal, one silver and two bronze medals while Huzran of Bannu grabbed two gold medal in the discus throw and shot put while remained third in hammer throw.
Seema Antil failed to make it to the final of the discus throw event.
Iraqis have won three silvers in the 16th Arab track and field events as Hayder Nasser came second in the discus throw competitions with 59.
Saugus' Daniel Swarbrick was also a two-event finalist, taking fifth in the shot put (58-4) and discus throw (181-2).
16-year-old smashed his personal best with a discus throw of 18.
A technical delegate statement read: "As result of reclassification of the athlete Chin Rebecca (Bib No 1518), she has been removed from the result of the event Women's Discus Throw F37/38.
1932: French athlete Jules Noel missed out on an Olympic gold medal when judges failed to watch his discus throw.
HOW: Ranked #1 in the nation in the shot put and #4 in the discus throw.
The pentathlon--an event that included running, jumping, the discus throw, the javelin (spear) throw, and wrestling--tested endurance, strength, and speed.
708 bc: The discus throw becomes an Olympic event in ancient Greece.
The Rugby and Northampton AC member was one of a number to figure prominently from the club and his winning discus throw of 46.
Last year's United States junior college national champion in the women's hammer throw and 1997 Canada Summer Games record-setting gold medalist in the discus throw has accepted an offer to compete for the NCAA Division One University of Wyoming's track team.