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a disgorging operation, done in the production of bottled champagne to get rid of yeast sediment.

In order to reduce the losses of carbon dioxide and wine, the sediment in the neck of a bottle is chilled before disgorgement. The master disgorger quickly uncorks the bottle, which has been turned neck down, and the sediment is expelled together with the cork by the pressure of the carbon dioxide. Then the bottle is returned to a standing position; a dose of liqueur is added, and the bottle is corked again. Disgorgement is carried out on a special apparatus known as a dégorgement machine.


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measure of the disgorgement remedy is the ill-gotten gain from the
8 million plus interest for disgorgement, and a penalty of $400,000.
BAS agreed to pay more than $36 million in disgorgement and interest to settle the SEC's charges, and paid an additional $101 million to other federal and state authorities for its misconduct.
Carriers raise the disgorgement issue frequently and corporations and their directors and officers must be prepared to address it.
5 million in disgorgement, said Jack Worland, an SEC supervisory trial attorney.
He agreed to pay a total of $622,087, which includes $336,362 in disgorgement, $175,725 of prejudgment interest, and a $110,000 civil penalty.
the choice between performance and disgorgement of the promisor's
regulators filed fraud charges against Mexico media tycoon Ricardo Salinas Pliego, seeking disgorgement of $110 million reaped in a complex insider debt deal after engaging in what the SEC called an "elaborate scheme" to cover it up.
21 million in disgorgement, pay a civil penalty of $200,000, and he was barred from association with a broker or dealer.
Usually, there is not the same need for speed or disgorgement (that is, repayment of monies illicitly earned in a transaction) vis-a-vis an offending accountant as there is against an offending issuer, and injunctive success only lays the ground work for a future contempt action since it is not usually the accountant who has benefited substantially from the violation (and who, therefore, is not likely to be subject to substantial disgorgement).
The $387 million in disgorgement could be deducted under Regs.
The studios are seeking an injunction preventing the defendants from continuing the alleged misdeeds, as well as disgorgement of profits and unspecified monetary damages.