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(mechanical engineering)
An apparatus used for pulverizing or grinding substances, consisting of two steel cages which rotate in opposite directions.



a rod crusher; a machine for fine crushing or coarse pulverization of brittle materials of low abrasiveness. It consists of two contrarotating rotors (baskets) mounted on separate coaxial shafts and encased in housings. Two to four rows of circular cylindrical pins (beaters) are located along the concentric circumferences of the rotor disks in such a way that each row of one rotor passes freely between two rows of the other. The material being crushed is fed to the center of the rotor and, in moving toward the periphery, sustains repeated blows from the pins, which are rotating at 500-1,000 rpm in opposite directions. The coarseness of the material loaded into the disintegrator is usually 60-90 mm, and that of the crushed product is 0.5-0.1 mm. The output of a large disintegrator, with a rotor diameter of 1250 mm, is 80-90 tons per hr, in the case of coal being reduced from 50 mm to 0.3 mm. A machine with one rotor and fixed pins fastened to the other side of the housing lid in place of the other rotor is called a crusher; its operation is analogous to that of a disintegrator, but the speed of rotation of the rotor is considerably higher (2,300-3,800 rpm). Disintegrators and crushers are sometimes called beating mills.

A characteristic of disintegrators is the good mixing of the material being pulverized; this feature is sometimes used in technology (for example, for making coal charges before coking). Disintegrators are used to crush minerals (coal, gypsum, sulfur, and peat), products of the chemical industry (rubber and pigments), and wood.


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The Hosokawa Rietz Angle Disintegrator generates coarse to fine textured purees from thy or soaked ingredients.
High-energy disintegrator type impact wear tester is modified and intensively used to test real components (rock drilling bit inserts, for example).
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Tirotta noted that the company's new Disintegrator Plus needle and lancet destruction device will begin to be introduced aggressively this fall and early in 2012, and "sales from those efforts should begin to be reflected in future quarters as well.
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