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Data Recovery Software Allows Systems Administrators to Retrieve Files Trapped in Corrupted Virtual Disk Images
This new version also supports disk images based on GUID partition table (GPT) logical standard.
Using some of that online or nearline storage for housing disk images of live server disks can significantly enhance your ability to recover from a disaster by significantly reducing the time it takes to access and restore necessary applications, the OS, patches, updates and, of course, data.
Arsenal Image Mounter mounts the contents of disk images as complete disks in Microsoft Windows.
Users of network editions of the software (Handy Backup Network and Handy Backup Server Network) are also allowed to create disk images of remote workstations, on a client-server scheme.
0, systems administrators can quickly and easily create exact disk images (clones), including operating systems, applications, and configurations and store them off premises.
Arsenal Image Mounter Provides Exceptional Access to Disks within Disk Images
The AutoSave PC Backup & Recovery module is designed to manage the creation of disk images and incremental revisions and store these in the AutoSave system.
A consistent and key condition for the commercial market is disk image stability which allows IT organizations to focus on supporting a single, stable platform, reducing the number of disk images, and in turn, helping to reduce overall IT support costs.
CD images and disk images are available for all three Windows Server versions.
ShrinkWrap(TM), the quickest and easiest way to create and distribute disk images, provides encryption security for iDisk(TM) users, an Internet storage service provided by Apple Computer's iTools(TM).
The Appliance also enables scheduled journaling of disk images based on time and date, along with efficient data mirroring and replication options.