Dismal Swamp

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Dismal Swamp,

SE Va. and NE N.C.: see Great Dismal SwampGreat Dismal Swamp,
SE Va. and NE N.C. With dense forests and tangled undergrowth, the wetlands are a favorite site for sportsmen and naturalists. It once may have covered nearly 2,200 sq mi (5,700 sq km) but has been reduced by drainage to less than 600 sq mi (1,550 sq km).
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The Great Dismal Swamp Major Route Alternative: Proposed at the request of the U.
Some specific topics include reclaiming the Great Dismal Swamp, the Private Lands Conservation Initiative in Chile, the development of specialized markets for certified nontimber forest products, and fostering intergovernmental partnerships in conservation finance.
Gomez & Day (1982) reported the converse where litter production in frequently-flooded stands at Dismal Swamp, Virginia, exceeded other periodically flooded or stagnant water ecosystems, such as the flowing water (periodically flooded) ecosystems of Lac des Allemands Swamp in Louisiana (Conner & Day 1976; Conner et al.
Located on 7,000 acres in the northeast corridor of the state amid the Great Dismal Swamp, Blackwater, which recently changed its name to Blackwater Worldwide, has been under intense scrutiny since Sept.
The Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge is working hard to save its threatened Atlantic white cedars.
It is the home of the Great Dismal Swamp, migratory and permanent bird sanctuaries, and the largest U.
After almost 40 years of project gridlock and many starts and stops, a road in Virginia's Great Dismal Swamp is nearing completion.
With this hatred bubbling inside her, Kerry leaves her life as a college student and seeks out Daniel's mother in the Great Dismal Swamp of Virginia.
Sandy's escape and virtual disappearance also call to mind bands of escaped slaves who lived in wilderness areas like North Carolina's Great Dismal Swamp or the Florida Everglades, and who in the case of the latter were often adopted into the Seminole tribe (Boles 234).
He was also involved in a land reclamation and canal project in the Dismal Swamp of southeastern Virginia and northeastern North Carolina.
In the Great Dismal Swamp along the Virginia-North Carolina border, highway engineers are upgrading a two-lane road on the swamp's eastern border.