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Walt(er Elias). 1901--66, US film producer, who pioneered animated cartoons: noted esp for his creations Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck and films such as Fantasia (1940)

Disney/Little Blue State Park

Location:1 block east of Disney on SH 28, near the flood gates of Pensacola Dam.
Facilities:80 primitive campsites, picnic areas, group shelters, boat ramp, playground.
Activities:Camping, boating, fishing, water-skiing.
Special Features:Park has the only boat ramp on the east side of Pensacola Dam. The dam was built in 1940 and is believed to be the longest multiple-arch dam in the world.
Address:c/o Cherokee State Park
PO Box 220
Disney, OK 74340

Web: www.oklahomaparks.com
Size: 32 acres.

See other parks in Oklahoma.
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The acquisition brings to Disney the creative teams behind the popular original Pixar blockbusters and they can now be involved in future development of these properties, including potential feature animation sequels.
To obtain its injunction, Disney had to convince Judge Wollenberg it was likely to win the eventual trial and that it would be severely damaged if the Pirates were allowed to publish their comics in the interim.
And Watts succeeds admirably in generating an understanding of how a young nobody from the Midwest named Walter Elias Disney became a major mogul of movies and television and eponymous ruler of a theme-park kingdom.
The "family-rate" hotels and restaurants of Disney World are commodious, yet relatively affordable and free of the appearance of class distinction.
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With Steamboat Willie (1928), the first sound cartoon, Mickey Mouse became a star and Disney famous.
And most folks probably consider Gold and Disney to be a rebellious twosome without mainstream views.
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