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a sports term.

(1) The exclusion of an athlete or team from a game owing to a technical violation of rules; this results in the invalidation of the score or place occupied by the individual or team.

(2) The deprivation of an athlete’s or team’s right to participate in competition as a result of a violation of moral and ethical norms of conduct. In certain cases this involves depriving an athlete of his official standing. Disqualification may be conditional, lasting only for a specified period of time. Decisions concerning disqualification are made by sports clubs, societies, federations, and committees.

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Compelling mitigation placed before the court to explain the effect of disqualification upon your personal circumstances can also influence the length of ban imposed.
Under Article 63(2) of the country's Constitution, the speaker decides on the prime minister's disqualification as a member of parliament.
There is some confusion about the standard for disqualification of circuit judges when they are acting in an appellate capacity.
The time taken for disqualification proceedings varied and proceedings took longer when the investigator contested disqualification.
The prospect of disqualification for the Phoenix Four emerged after a Department for Business spokesman said: "The Secretary of State has been advised that there are good grounds to bring disqualification proceedings.
The disqualification by the executive committees is a catastrophe," Khatami said in a furious attack on the vetting process, which is overseen by hardliners.
Invariably, whenever there has been a disqualification, there has been a reclassification.
INGLEWOOD - Under fire from bettors and horsemen since a summer of debatable disqualifications at Del Mar, California racetrack stewards received an unusual suggestion recently.
Only 14% of motorists knew that a fine of up to pounds 1,000 and possible disqualification was the legal punishment for refusing a breath test, a survey by breakdown company Autonational Rescue found.
The new law, which goes into effect September 30, 2005, improves the commercial driver license (CDL) sanctioning process by strengthening the CDL disqualification process through the expansion of violations that result in disqualification.
has just introduced a DVD version of its Traffic Violations & CDL Disqualification training program, designed to help employers teach drivers about revised Department of Transportation rules allowing CDL disqualification for major traffic violations committed off-duty, which all states are required to comply with beginning in September.
Subpart D explains the rules that apply in the event of a disciplinary hearing against a practitioner or a proceeding for disqualification of an appraiser.