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see nonconformistsnonconformists,
in religion, those who refuse to conform to the requirements (in doctrine or discipline) of an established church. The term is applied especially to Protestant dissenters from the Church of England.
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Marginal patriotic parties were created by several of the dissenters, the most recent being the National Democratic Party established by Kapka Siderova, the estranged wife of Ataka leader Volen Siderov, and her son, MEP Dimitar Stoyanov.
Ragosta argues plausibly that religious dissenters from the established Church in Virginia entered into an extended negotiation with the commonwealth's political leadership during the Revolution, trading support for the Revolution in exchange for increased religious toleration.
Among those who attended the founding meeting are true and tried Catholic dissenters such as Dignity, USA; New Ways Ministry; Sr.
In each chapter, Mayers outlines the main questions and gives a summary of government policy before offering the critiques of dissenters and their preferred choice of direction.
In Seditious Sectaryes, Kreitzer examines the first fifty years of the Baptist movement in Oxford by focusing on the experiences of key evangelical dissenters who eventually became the New Road Baptist Church, a congregation of which Kreitzer is a member today.
21) The aim of these radical liberal dissenters and their supporters was a just and common ownership of England.
Centrist O'Connor and liberal John Paul Stevens were among the dissenters.
All of the candidates are former LDP lawmakers in the lower house and no dissenters are included.
Why is this so difficult for dissenters to figure out?
2) When talking about the role dissenters play in democratic
In fact, the only group that was asked to express regret for the consequences of its actions was the bishops who intervened on behalf of dissenters in New Westminster and in the United States.
The biggest - and baddest - group of dissenters is the House of Flying Daggers, something of a proto-feminist band of butt-kicking, rabble-rousing kung-fu chicks.