Distant Healing

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Distant Healing

(religion, spiritualism, and occult)
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Psychic healing is done in a wide variety of ways. Sometimes there is a laying-on of hands and sometimes the hands do not come in contact with the body. There may be color healing, auric healing, or crystals may be used. One common form of healing is distant healing—sometimes called “absent healing”—where the healer and the patient may be separated by distances of up to thousands of miles.

One of the earliest instances of distant healing connected with Spiritualism occurred when a Mr. E. W. Capron visited the Fox Family at Rochester, New York. He mentioned to an entranced Leah Fox that his wife, Rebecca, was suffering from a severe and persistent cough. While in trance, Leah said, “I am going to cure Rebecca of her cough.” She went on to give a very accurate description of Capron’s wife and then pronounced her cured. On returning home, Capron found that his wife was indeed cured and the cough never returned. Earlier than that, distant healing had been done by the Catholic priest and one-time prince, Alexander Leopold Franz Emmerich von Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingfürst (b. 1794). He generally cured people by laying on his hands. When the medical profession frowned on that, he would cure by simply praying for people. In 1821, he let it be known that at certain times of the day he would be offering up a special Mass for the sick. Those who wrote to him would be included in it. Apparently many were cured this way; though not actually being present.

Edgar Cayce found that the person for whom he was reading did not have to be physically present. All that was needed was a name and location of the person and Cayce could focus on that person and the problem, no matter how far away they might be. However, Cayce generally prescribed rather than affected the cure.

Healers generally project their thoughts both toward the sick person and toward the spiritual world, establishing a link between the two. Once the link has been established, the healing energies can start to flow. The famous British spiritual healer Harry Edwards would concentrate on the name of the person when doing distant healing. He received 2,000 or more letters per day from people around the world, and had a documented 80 percent recovery rate from diseases such as arthritis, cancer, epilepsy, and tuberculosis.

Distant healing can also be done by working with a photograph of the patient or even from a sample of their handwriting. Bill Finch of St. Louis, Missouri, designed a clear chromo-light unit, with a holder for the photograph and a color filter, and a low watt bulb as the light source. With this setup it is possible to perform distant healing using color (chromotherapy). Gem therapy can also be done at a distance by placing colored stones on a photograph.


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