Distributed Data Management

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Distributed Data Management

(protocol, database)
(DDM) An IBM data protocol architecture for data management services across distributed systems in an SNA environment.

DDM provides a common data management language for data interchange among different IBM system platforms.

Products supporting DDM include AS/400, System/36, System/38 and CICS/DDM.

On the AS/400, DDM controls remote file processing. DDM enables application programs running on one AS/400 system to access data files stored on another system supporting DDM. Similarly, other systems that have DDM can access files in the database of the local AS/400 system. DDM makes it easier to distribute file processing between two or more systems.

OS/400 Distributed Data Management V3R6 Reference.
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We hope this special issue motivates the authors or others to take the next step beyond building models to implementing, evaluating, and comparing proposed approaches in Distributed Data Management.
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Azul Systems, Inc, a provider of enterprise server appliances, and GemStone Systems, a provider of distributed data management and virtualisation solutions, announced on Tuesday (13 November) an alliance to deliver scalable and available data grids for Extreme Transaction Processing (XTP).
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Acacia Research Corporation (Nasdaq:ACTG) announced today that a subsidiary has acquired the rights to a patent for distributed data management and synchronization technology.
This funding will support corporate growth, extension of industry-leading semantic data management technologies, release of the CERF Enterprise Edition and other new product offerings including distributed data management and archiving.

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