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An abnormal outpocketing or sac on the wall of a hollow organ.



a pouch formed by the congenital or acquired protrusion of the wall of a tubular organ in man. Most frequently encountered are diverticula of the esophagus or urinary bladder and more rarely, of the duodenum or stomach. Congenital diverticula are associated with defects in the development of the organ. Acquired diverticula arise as a result of pressure from the organ cavity on its wall, which has been weakened either by a pathological process (trauma, inflammation), or they may result from congenital muscular weakness of the wall (pouch-like protrusion). Diverticula may develop when diseases of neighboring organs result in a pulling on the organ wall by cicatrices and adhesions (funnel-shaped protrusion). After it has entered a diverticulum, the content of an organ is retained there for some time; later the diverticulum is evacuated. The diverticulum gradually stretches and becomes enlarged, and evacuation becomes difficult. The stagnant content irritates the mucous membrane of the diverticulum and becomes infected. Inflammation of the walls of the diverticulum develops—diverticulitis (catarrhal, ulcerative, or phlegmonous; perforation of the diverticulum is possible). A diverticulum of the esophagus may manifest itself by difficulty of food passage and vomiting and a diverticulum of the urinary bladder, by difficulty in urinating. An intestinal diverticulum sometimes causes obstruction. Treatment depends on the site and the course of the illness; in some cases surgery is necessary.

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Meckel's diverticulum is one of the most common birth defects of the gastrointestinal tract, occurring in one out of every 50 people.
Case report: Carcinosarcoma of the bladder diverticulum and a review of the literature.
Developmental Stage Time(h or days) Oviposition 0 h First division 6 [+ or -] 1 h of cleavage Four-cell stage 8 h Eight-cell stage 11 h Morula 16 h Blastula, appearance of blastocoel 2 days Gastrula 2 days Motion of larvae by velar rudiment 3 days Early veliger stage, velum visible, viscera 4 days differentiated in stomach, left and right digestive diverticulum, shell color changed to purple Hatched 6 days No.
Resection of the ileal segment containing the meckel's diverticulum and end to end anastomosis along with prophylactic appendicectomy was done.
On a CT scan, a Meckel's diverticulum typically appears as a blind-ending pouch located in the midline or in the right lower quadrant, containing air and fluid or particulate matter.
Surgical technique: In our institution, robotic-assisted laparoscopy bladder diverticulectomy begins with a cystoscopic evaluation to note the location of the diverticulum and its relationship to the nearest ureteral orifice.
subclavian subclavian tetralogy, ASD, artery, with arteries VSD, coarctation ligamentum arteriosum and aortic diverticulum (4) Right aortic Symmetrical No posterior Heart is abnormal arch with great vessel impression on in size/shape owing mirror image branching trachea or to associated branching pattern barium-filled congenital cardiac (4) oesophagus defect(>95%) esp.
Incomplete closure of this embryological communication may result in a urachal fistula, urachal sinus, urachal cyst or urachal diverticulum (Fig.
The middle diverticulum was perforated with spillage of bile and enteric contents.
In many of these cases, patients undergo biopsy and transurethral resection (TUR) or surgical resection of the diverticulum for further evaluation and management.
The doctor has told us he has a Meckel's diverticulum which may need removed.