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This study attempts to address this issue by determining company attributes as well as use of divestiture proceeds and their association with subsequent improvement (termed as 'success') or deterioration (denoted as 'failure') divesting companies.
If done properly, divestiture also allows the firm terminating the relationship to be paid for its past investment in building the relationship.
The divestiture would be the largest required in an energy company merger, involving 26 generating units located at these six plants.
A complete list of Federated divestiture stores is posted in the "Federated-May Integration" section of the company's corporate Website - www.
The divestiture of the soup and infant feeding businesses includes the sale of Del Monte's manufacturing facility and distribution center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and certain manufacturing assets associated with the private label soup business located at the Mendota, Illinois facility.
During the past ninety days we have substantially curtailed Georgia operations and reduced operating expenses and anticipate completing the Georgia divestiture within the next several weeks.
Heinz has completed the divestitures of HAK(R) vegetables in the Netherlands and its seafood business in Israel, and is finalizing the sale of its stake in The Hain Celestial Group, Inc.
The divestiture of our Fluid Sciences business segment will allow us to better focus our leadership and financial resources on our most promising growth opportunities," said Gregory L.
Company in discussion with investment banks regarding potential divestitures of non-core businesses.
Paul Travelers' planned divestiture of its 78% equity ownership of Nuveen Investments, Inc.
After the proposed merger and divestiture, BB&T would remain the largest depository institution in the market, controlling deposits of approximately $179.