Dividing Range

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Dividing Range:

see Great Dividing RangeGreat Dividing Range,
crest line of the Eastern Highlands of Australia. For the most part it separates rivers draining into the Pacific Ocean from those flowing into the Indian Ocean and the Arafura Sea.
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Perhaps the most promising option in the Outback is to move well behind the high peaks of the Great Dividing Range, to a location near or west of Mount Carbine along the Mulligan Highway.
Most of these locations are also on the eastern side of the Great Dividing Range, and closer to the coast than localities such as Warwick.
The primary topographic feature is the Great Dividing Range, a montane barrier 200 km in width with a peak elevation of 2300 m, which runs parallel to the coast and separates a mesic coastal strip from an arid interior.
Once you pass the Great Dividing Range, the landscape is mainly gray box eucalyptus and melaleuca trees, with 8-foot-tll anthills and termite mounds, and little grass.
Both are located on the southeastern coast of the continent between the ocean and the Great Dividing Range.
THE TALL, WET FORESTS that cloak the Victorian stretch of the Great Dividing Range are a living, breathing haven of immeasurable beauty.
nanus has a widespread but patchy distribution, occurring in the Portland area in the south-west of the state, the Grampians, the Otway Ranges and the forests of the Great Dividing Range from Ballarat to the north-east of the state (Fig.
Options Two and Three: In The Outback You can head to the statistically sunniest spot in the Outback, on the dry side of the Great Dividing Range.
The principal area under investigation was the QMDB, although a site to the east was included to enable analysis of the influence of the Great Dividing Range.
The Great Dividing Range, with the Blue Mountains at its core, presented a formidable obstacle to any expansion into the interior.
The Otway and Strezleki Ranges in southern Victoria have also been identified as ultrataxa `hotspots', thanks to their periodic separation from the Great Dividing Range by the Bassian Plain.
The seven-day ride starts in Canberra and goes through national parks, along the coastline of superb beaches and through the hills of the Great Dividing Range, before finishing in the heart of Sydney.