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Then, investment, associated with higher w and m, increases the size of the market (more than what could have been achieved through static investment multiplier), and therefore investment in division of labor results in an increase in market size in a magnified way that can support further division of labor.
The division of labor applies not only to physical processes but to intellectual processes too.
Although Mercier and Sperber grant that any one person might be both advocate and judge, the cognitive division of labor in their model requires keeping each capacity separate ("Why" 96).
London's migrant division of labor means that the foreignborn are concentrated in low-paid jobs.
outline the evolution of London's migrant division of labor (it has long been a magnet for international migration): a relaxation of immigration policy in the late 1990s opened the doors to a supply of potential workers.
In describing the evolution of the division of labor and specialization in the market process, Mises (1998, p.
Here production is about complex division of labor dynamics that hinge not just on quantitative combinations of inputs but also on qualitative ones where, for instance, coordination, differential knowledge, factor complementarities, problem solving, and task partitioning are of the essence (e.
Hence, the social division of labor is more appropriately described as occurring between households, for-profit firms, and nonprofit firms, rather than only between the former two types of economic agents.
The trouble with this conventional leftist prescription is that it leaves the existing division of labor intact.
Once again, the discussions--centered above all on the necessity to abolish the division of labor in a Communist society--are much more directly linked to the political situation than had previously been thought.
In the first three chapters, Walker spends a good deal of time laying out agricultural practices and the gendered division of labor on rural homesteads.

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