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1. In Muslim countries, a council room or hall for a court of justice.
2. A smoking room.
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See al-Kindi, Wulat, 92; al-Maqrizi, Khitat, 1; 252; Morimoto, "The Diwans as Registers," 354-56.
For a listing of the various Arab tribes (and clans) that emigrated to Egypt, see Morimoto, "The Diwans as Registers,' 357-60; 'Abdallah Khurshid Barri, al-Qaba'il al-'arabiyya fi misr fi-l-qurun al-thalatha al-ula li-l-hijra (Cairo: Dar al-Katib al-'Arabi, 1967; rpt.
As the narrative sources would have it, 'Amr ibn al-'As founded the Egyptian diwan shortly after the conquest of the province on the model established by the caliph 'Umar ibn al-Khattab (634-644 C.
Enumerating the diwan editions, however, may be deceptive.
The farther the garrison to which they emigrated, the more pious and devout they were believed to have been--traits that were financially rewarded by the hierarchical diwan system.
By way of providing for the new arrivals, Hisham ordered their inclusion in the diwan.
It was a curious act on several fronts, not least of which was that the new immigrants were deliberately settled as farmers, not soldiers--a hitherto unprecedented act, (21) Additionally, this agrarian population was incorporated into the Egyptian diwan at a time when, in other regions of the caliphate, 'ata' was directly linked to military service.