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Many areas -- including towns only 40 miles outside the capital, including the garrison town of Blida where the top FIS leaders Abassi Medani and Ali Belhadj are jailed, and others such as Dellys, Baraki, Larbas, Tissemlit, Tiaret and Saida to the west of the country, and Djidjelli, Colo, Mila, in the east are now under the effective control of the Islamic guerrillas.
Principal battles: the Dunes (near Dunquerque) (1658); Djidjelli (Jijel) (1664); Schooneveldt Bank (at the month of the Schelde), Texel (1673); Stromboli, Agosta (Augusta, Italy), Palermo (1676); Bantry Bay (1689); Beachy Head (1690); Lagos (Portugal) (1693); Vigo (1702).