Roman Dmowski

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Dmowski, Roman


Born Aug. 9, 1864, in Kamionka, near Warsaw; died Jan. 2, 1939, in the village of Drozdowo, near Lomza. Polish political figure.

In 1893, along with other figures in the bourgeois-nationalist movement, Dmowski organized the Liga Narodowa, which was reorganized in 1897 into the National Democratic Party. Initially Dmowski propounded the consolidation of national forces and opposed the Russification policy of tsarism. As the Polish revolutionary workers’ movement developed, Dmowski began to oppose the proletariat increasingly vigorously. In 1905-07 he called for the suppression of the revolution and proposed cooperation with tsarism. During World War I he sided with the Entente. He headed the Polish National Committee, created on Nov. 25, 1914, in St. Petersburg, and later the committee of the same name that was created in Paris in 1917. In 1919 he was the Polish delegate to the Paris Peace Conference. Dmowski founded the Camp of Great Poland (1926-33), a profascist political group.

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However, Andrzej Dmowski, managing partner, Russell Bedford DZO, Poland, points to the need for further reforms in tax regulation - a situation reflected in the country's rankings for ease of paying taxes, where it dropped nine places to 114.
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His most notable opponent was the head of the expansionist-minded, anti-Semitic and anti-German National Democrats, Roman Dmowski.
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Dmowski and collaborators (62) were the first to advocate, in 1981, a role of the immune system in the pathogenesis of endometriosis.
Neither of the dominant Polish political figures in this period, Jozef Pitsudski and Roman Dmowski, was a model Catholic, and their respective parties held social and political positions that often put them at odds with Catholic policy.
The nationalist Poles, especially the followers of Roman Dmowski, were also bitter enemies because they wanted to eradicate Ukrainian nationalist consciousness.
was formed in early 2006 and has a staff of eight people including Rafal Chart, district manager, Piotr Dmowski and Piotr Stawinski, business development, Malgorzata Ptaszek, office manager and four crew members.
Paul Dmowski and Tom Janicki, investigators in the study and members of FemmePharma's Scientific Advisory Board, co-authored the abstract that was published in the April 2004 edition of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
We start off with a numerically good field in the novices' hurdle but Dmowski will be all the rage and won so easily first time you'd have to be wary of betting against him.
However, Andrzej Dmowski, managing partner of Russell Bedford DZO, Warsaw, believes there is still room for improvement: “Polish businesses are still having to spend an average of 286 hours every year on tax compliance - more than any other country in the EU.