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(dənyĭprō`), formerly


(dənyĭp'rōpĕtrôfsk`), Rus. Dnepropetrovsk, city (1990 est. pop. 1,186,000), capital of Dnipropetrovsk region, central Ukraine, on the Dnieper River. A hub of rail and water transportation, it is a major industrial center with a huge iron and steel industry based on iron ore from the nearby Kryviy Rih mines and coal from the Donets Basin. The city also has plants producing heavy machinery, chemicals, rolling stock, and food products. Among its cultural institutions are art, historical, and zoological museums.

Founded in 1787 by PotemkinPotemkin, Grigori Aleksandrovich
, 1739–91, Russian field marshal and favorite of Catherine II. He studied at Moscow Univ. and then entered the army. His part in the coup (1762) that made Catherine czarina brought him to her notice.
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 on the site of a Zaporozhian Cossack village, it was named Katerynoslav (Rus. Yekaterinoslav) for Catherine IICatherine II
or Catherine the Great,
1729–96, czarina of Russia (1762–96). Rise to Power

A German princess, the daughter of Christian Augustus, prince of Anhalt-Zerbst, she emerged from the obscurity of her relatively modest background in 1744
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. It was called Novorossiysk from 1791 to 1802 and Katerynoslav until 1926, when it was renamed Dnipropetrovsk after the Dnieper River and the Ukrainian Soviet leader Hryhoriy (or Grigory) I. Petrovsky. The population greatly increased after the completion (1932) of the DniprohesDniprohes
[Ukr. abbr.,=Dnieper hydroelectric station], Rus. Dneproges, a hydroelectric station, central Ukraine, on the Dnieper River near Zaporizhzhya. The hydroelectric station supplies power for the industrial centers of Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk), Kryvyy Rih, and
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 dam and power station. The city was occupied (1941–43) by German forces during World War II. In 2016 it was renamed Dnipro.


river, Ukraine: see DnieperDnieper
, Belarusian Dnyapro, Rus. Dnepr, Ukr. Dnipro, river, c.1,430 mi (2,300 km) long, in Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. One of the longest rivers in Europe, it rises in the Valdai Hills, W of Moscow.
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(Dnieper), a monthly Ukrainian literary and sociopolitical magazine; organ of the Central Committee of the Ukrainian Lenin Komsomol since 1927. It first appeared under the name Molodniak (1927-37) and later Molodoi bolshevik (1937-41). Publication of the magazine was discontinued for a three-year period but was resumed in 1944 under the name Dnipro. The magazine contains primarily works by young writers. Its circulation in 1971 was 63,000.

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Their full name is Dnipro Dnipropetrovsk, but you probably knew that.
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The Dnipro keeper denied Bacca a hat-trick with a fine 79th-minute save.
The Spanish side held on, although the game ended in worrying circumstances for Dnipro as midfielder Matheus left the field on a stretcher after appearing to collapse following a clash of heads.
When Dnipro captain Ruslan Rotan curled home a precise freekick to make it 2-2 just before the beak it looked like the Ukrainians, who were playing in their first European final, might go on to cause a stunning upset.
Dnipro had their best period in the final 10 minutes and the scoring opportunities converted into a goal in the 82nd minute when Rotan's pass found Eugene Shakhov who sent the ball into the top corner of Brugge's net.
The first leg in Dnipro was a big disappointment and we wanted to go to Norwich and put that right," Dawson told the club's official website.
But Spurs directors will reaffirm their own interest in the player to Dnipro officials, and believe they can tempt Konoplyanka to White Hart Lane.
Meanwhile young Spurs striker Harry Kane can't wait for the challenge of Dnipro, who Boro beat 3-0 at the Riverside in November 2005 on the way to the UEFA Cup final.
In a round of claim and counter-claim Dnipro suggested the Reds did not transfer the necessary funds in time, but it is understood the money was sent at least two hours before the UK's 11pm deadline.
The pair come head-to-head for the first time tonight as Ramos brings his Dnipro side to Craven Cottage for the first leg of their Europa League play-off.
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