Poland: see HohenfriedebergHohenfriedeberg
, Pol. Dobromierz, town, Dolnośląskie prov., SW Poland. In 1745 it was the site of the victory of Frederick II of Prussia over the Austrian and Saxon forces in the War of the Austrian Succession. Hohenfriedeberg was ceded to Poland after World War II.
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Tenders are invited for provision of permanent uplinking and distribution of radio program Polish Radio the Regional Radio Broadcasting in Kielce Kielce SA Dobromierz
2/2016 -made services in the field of forest management in rangeries Dzierzkw, Klaczyna, Dobromierz,;
2002, Dobromierz geodynamic network as a part of GEOSUD network - Preliminary analysis of 2001 Measurements, Acta Montana, Ser.
The studied fragment of the SMF between Zloty Stok and Dobromierz is 77 km long and can be subdivided into six segments basing on two criteria: the changeable orientation of the mountain front, and the variable orientation of thalwegs of valleys that dissect the scarp.
2003a, Morphometric characteristics of the Sudetic Marginal Fault between Zloty Stok and Dobromierz, SW Poland (in Polish, with English summ.
Analysis of geological maps depicting the Dobromierz region and the dam's geological documentation indicate that the dam's crest lies in a tectonic fracture zone extending nearly parallel to the edge of the Sudety Mts.
At the beginning two new research areas in the Polish Sudeten was organised: Dobromierz area in the Sudetic Marginal Fault zone and Janowice area on the Mid-Sudetic Fault.
Numerous cities, such as: Zlotoryja, Jawor, Strzegom, Dobromierz, Swiebodzice, Swidnica, Dzierzoniow, Bielawa (Fig.
The area covered by the investment located in Lower Silesia in the county Jawor - the municipalities Paszowice, Bolkow, in the district Swidnica - Dobromierz municipality.
The newest application of the crack gauges is in the Sudetic Marginal Fault zone: in the old adits of Zloty Stok gold mine (2 instruments), in the area of the Dobromierz Dam (2 instruments) and in an old adit near Janowice Stare--located in the Intra-Sudetic Fault zone (1 instrument).
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Since 1997, as a result of a extending the network to the west in the Dobromierz region, the Zlotoryja and Jawor areas, the points of the Polish National Gravity Network (PNGN) situated in Kamienna Gora, Szklarska Poreba and Bolkow are used as a reference level for the western part of the GEOSUD network.