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and his skin doctor Arnold Klein are reportedly demanding money from the estate administrators.
The ruling came after a few tense moments in which a lawyer for Beverly Hills doctor Arnold Klein, Michael Jackson's long-time dermatologist, raised non-specific objections to the custody arrangements.
Suddenly everyone wants to be their guardian, including doctor Arnold Klein, who's reportedly claimed to be the natural father of the eldest two.
He is posted to Kenya, and she begins her crusade, creating scandal with a trip into the wilderness with the handsome African-born doctor Arnold Bluhm (Hubert Kounde).
Hollywood doctor Arnold Klein said: "They're now using it on crow's feet as well.
The singer's skin doctor Arnold Klein has been blamed by Dr Conrad Murray's lawyers for getting the singer hooked on Demerol.
London, August 27 (ANI): Michael Jackson's former wife reportedly tipped cops about how doctor Arnold Klein helped supply the star with powerful drugs.
Dr Larry Koplin's clinic was raided as the probe into Jacko's skin doctor Arnold Klein gathered pace.