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1. a dissertation resulting from original research, esp when submitted by a candidate for a degree or diploma
2. a subject for a discussion or essay
3. an unproved statement, esp one put forward as a premise in an argument
4. Music the downbeat of a bar, as indicated in conducting
5. (in classical prosody) the syllable or part of a metrical foot not receiving the ictus
6. Philosophy the first stage in the Hegelian dialectic, that is challenged by the antithesis



a sheet engraved with a text of a theological or philosophical nature (the thesis proper) accompanied by depictions of the saints or historical personages to whom the thesis was dedicated. Especially popular in the late baroque period, such engravings were also executed in Russia by I. F. Zubov and others in the early 18th century.

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American Doctoral Dissertations is included in EBSCO Discovery Service so those customers with dissertation records in American Doctoral Dissertations can link from the database to ETDs in their institutional repositories.
The Lasswell Award recognizes the best doctoral dissertation in the field of policy studies.
A potential source of useful information about undergraduate honors education can be found in doctoral dissertation abstracts that focus on honors.
Thesis awards for two doctoral dissertations and seven Master's theses
A professor who had been a friend of Ludlam suggested that Roemer write his doctoral dissertation on the playwright.
With the exception of Bernadette McCauley's excellent, as yet unpublished, doctoral dissertation, I do not know of another serious history of Catholic hospitals.
Although Langer's 233-page doctoral dissertation concluded that handwriting analysis is a valid and reliable means of treating a patient, he said more conventional methods should not be ignored.
The RHR International Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award for 2006 was presented to Dr.
Jesus Cruz challenges this interpretation on the basis of extensive research in social history first presented as a doctoral dissertation in 1992.
Reynolds is author of "Music Analysis for Expert Testimony in Copyright Infringement Litigation" (Ann Arbor: UMI, 1991), his doctoral dissertation analyzing both the legal and musical aspects of this subject.
Bill Byham's daughter, Tacy Byham, will also be participating on a six-member panel, presenting her research and doctoral dissertation on the use of assessment center data.
In his 1960 MIT doctoral dissertation, Professor Gallager developed a series of "Low Density Parity Check Codes" that, while long recognized as breakthrough theoretical formulae, are only now being appreciated for their practicality in achieving Shannon's theoretical limitations.

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