Doctors' Plot

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Doctors’ Plot

physicians falsely tried for trying to poison Stalin. [Jew. Hist.: Wigoder, 160]
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Khlevniuk arrives at a similarly nuanced position in regard to the culmination of the USSR's postwar anti-Semitic campaigns (the anti-Cosmopolitan Affair, the Doctors' Plot, etc.
ion in the postwar Soviet Union, the blood libel clearly resonated throughout Stalin's infamous Doctors' Plot of 1953, in which Jewish doctors were accused of poisoning Kremlin leaders.
similarities among medieval accusations of well-poisoning during the Black Death in Europe, the doctors' plot in the USSR near the end of Stalin's reign, and Muslim fundamentalist propaganda accusing the Jews of spreading AIDS.
It was in good form again yesterday amid the reports of what looked like a doctors' plot.
Naumov's Stalin's Last Crime: The Doctors' Plot ([pounds sterling]8.
The authors present Stalin's Doctors' Plot as something that would have been the Soviet version of the Nazis' Final Solution, but are unable to produce convincing arguments or new documentation to support this view.
STALIN'S last murderous purge in the Soviet Union was the Doctors' Plot,mercifully ended by the tyrant's sudden death in 1953.
Sinyavsky's novel Sud idyot (1959; The Trial Begins) deals with the Doctors' Plot of 1953, during which nine Soviet doctors were unjustly accused of treason.
Stalin crowned his career as he had begun it, by declaring the Doctors' Plot and merging it with a good old-fashioned anti-Jewish pogrom.
Reviewed by Anthony Looch Stalin's last murderous purge in the Soviet Union was the Doctors' Plot, mercifully ended by the tyrant's sudden death in 1953.