Doctors of the Church

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Doctors of the Church:

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collective name for the Christian writers of early times whose work is considered generally orthodox. A convenient definition includes all such writers up to and including St. Gregory I (St. Gregory the Great) in the West and St.
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But try looking for "liberal," "conservative," "left" and "right" in the great variety of theology that we find in the writings of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, for example.
Doctors of the church, then, are the great teachers of the faith.
Again, ecclesiastical gossip has it that there was recently a raging debate in Rome about whether Therese of Lisieux had a sufficiently weighty doctrine for inclusion among the Doctors of the church.
I have studied the history of the development of the Immaculate Conception, for example, and find a history both contentious and diverse, with saints and doctors of the church on both sides of the issue.
People have more exposure to pseudo-scholars like Tom Harpur and Dan Brown than to the great doctors of the Church and the ideas contained in the latest encyclicals.
Both are doctors of the church, but their theologies are quite different in style, basic presuppositions, and general orientation.
During one meeting, which featured a PowerPoint slide listing several of the doctors of the church, a woman who was new to the group made the observation that only one name on the list was female.
If they die as saints, the Church honours them as virgins, martyrs, widows, founders of religious orders, and even Doctors of the Church.
The 33 doctors of the church have been honored for their important contributions to explaining and defending the faith.
It has given us great women martyrs, saints, mystics, and Doctors of the Church such as St.
Appended to the book are the saints' names in broad thematic categories -- almsgiving, child saints, Doctors of the Church, facing death, married saints, to name only a few -- for those who want to take a more devotional approach.
She also stated, "Like the prophets and the Doctors of the Church I should like to enlighten souls.

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