Document Image Processing

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document image processing

[¦däk·yə·mənt ′im·ij ‚prä‚ses·iŋ]
(computer science)
The scanning of paper documents followed by the storage, retrieval, display, and management of the resulting electronic images. Also known as document imaging.

Document Image Processing

(DIP) Storage, management and retrieval of images.
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In a contest of handwritten Chinese character recognition, the results of which are to be presented at the International Conference on Document Analysis and Recognition (ICDAR 2013), the world's largest international conference on document image processing, this technology demonstrated the best-ever Chinese character-recognition accuracy of 94.
Kofax is a long-time leader in the market for electronic document image processing," said Harris Hunt, director of product marketing at FileNET.
The MVP provides unparalleled performance and flexibility for document image processing, diagnostic imaging systems, and industrial machine vision equipment -- all on a single chip.
The product combines the benefits of Document Image Processing, Document Management and Computer Output To Laser Disk (COLD) technologies in a single integrated environment running under Microsoft Windows.
This reaffirms what some of these same people have been telling us for some time: VirtualReScan is the standard for document image processing.
The Solutions Division of Recognition provides forms, payment, and document image processing solutions for companies in the insurance, government, banking, financial services, and service bureau industries.
The patent reaffirms what we've been hearing from both Kofax partners and customers: that VRS sets the standard for document image processing," said Kofax President Rick Murphy.
Document image processing generally is performed at several levels.
Keith DeLucia, chief executive officer of DataTreasury, said, "CBS is a pioneer in community banking technology and document image processing, and access to DataTreasury's technology will give this company an even greater edge over its competition.
EIZO's 17-inch FX-C7 boasts advanced features such as increased horizontal scanning frequency, a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) and a high contrast CRT that make it an ideal model for desktop publishing, document image processing and high-end graphics.
Livelink Discovery Server integrates with other applications, such as office automation, document image processing and e-mail, and operates with equal functionality across a wide range of platforms.

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