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Concretionary masses of calcareous sandstone or ironstone.



(geology), the middle division of the Jurassic system, subdivided into three stages: Aalen, Bajocian, and Bathonian. In the USSR, Dogger deposits are called Middle Jurassic. The term is rarely used.

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We devised a strategy which included facilitating a Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS) session with all parties involved in the works, that presented sound operational solutions for the Dogger Bank maintenance visit, resulting in this particular work being completed ahead of schedule, minimising the costly vessel charter and personnel costs .
A similar sized scheme, also at Dogger Bank, was granted planning consent in February.
Dogger Bank Teesside was initially set to comprise four separate wind farms.
Decoded radio intercepts had given the British advance notice that a German raiding squadron was heading for Dogger Bank so they rushed to intercept them.
Dogger Bank was primarily designated for its highly productive sandbank habitats, which are important spawning and nursery grounds for many commercial fisheries.
MERSEYSIDE writer and illustrator Shirley Hughes has enriched thousands of childhoods with her illustrations for more than 200 picture books including the award-winning Dogger.
The largest known earthquake in the UK occurred in the North Sea on June 7 1931, 60 miles offshore near the Dogger Bank with a magnitude of 6.
He identified the Dogger bank as a key area for development due to its shallow waters.
The Britannia is expected to be installed at Dogger Bank, off the north-east coast of England and generate enough electricity to power 10,000 homes.
Tom Dogger, director of estate agent Winkworth Knightsbridge & Chelsea, explains that, in prime central London in particular, it hasn''t quite turned out that way.
The corresponding award for children's illustration, the 'Greenaway of Greenaways', was awarded to Shirley Hughes for Dogger, the 1977 winner of the award.
If I bring a dogger in it will be a Gilberto or a Makelele," joked Mowbray.