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When used for Doherty amplifier optimization, the PE46120 offers enhanced system performance, lower bill of material (BOM) costs, increased reliability and greater flexibility.
by solid-state transmitters before with high efficiency by means of Doherty amplifier technology.
Under such circumstances, Sumitomo Electric has succeeded in extending the RF bandwidth of the Doherty amplifier by drawing on its RF power amplifier technology and optimizing the fundamental frequency and the high-order harmonics over a wide frequency range inside the amplifier modules incorporated in the Doherty amplifier.
As Infineon continues to develop leading- edge products that are customized for optimal performance in the overall system, the Peregrine Semiconductor MPAC product family offers RF performance and phase-tuning flexibility that will play a key role in Doherty amplifier optimization, yield and uniformity.
The technical concept provides for the exchange of transmitter systems through transistor transmitter with high efficiency by means of the Doherty amplifier technology.
When these circuit innovations are implemented using Cree's high-frequency, high-power GaN HEMTs and the latest generation digital pre-distortion systems, the resulting efficiency improvements can be up to a staggering 15 percentage points greater than that achieved by a conventional Doherty amplifier implemented with silicon LDMOS.
Both devices are dual-path designs, and can implement the final stage of a Doherty amplifier with one path as the main amplifier and the other as the peaking amplifier.
The new products satisfy the unique requirements of the Doherty amplifier architecture, in which a carrier amplifier operating in Class AB mode is combined with a peaking amplifier operating in the higher-efficiency Class C mode.
When used in a symmetric Doherty amplifier application for maximum efficiency boost, two TriQuint TG2H214120 120 Watt devices can deliver over 60 Watts of average WCDMA power with 55% efficiency.
A Doherty amplifier consists of two amplifiers that operate under different transmit-signal conditions and typically require separate transistors for each amplifier.
Analysis of the hot topic of Doherty amplifier design, plus a description of advanced techniques based on multi-way and multi-stage architecture solutions.
Launches Industry's Most Power Efficient Discrete Doherty Amplifier Based on the Gen 7 LDMOS BLF7G22L-130 Transistor