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Dolby Digital

A family of digital audio encoding technologies from Dolby used in movie theaters, home theaters and video games. Introduced in the movie "Batman Returns" in 1992, Dolby Digital has been the most widely used surround sound system in the world. Following are the major formats. See Dolby Surround and surround sound.

Dolby Digital - 5.1 Channels
Five discrete channels of audio plus subwoofer (see surround sound). Dolby Digital employs Dolby's AC-3 coding and compression technology (see AC-3).

Dolby Digital EX - 6.1 and 7.1 Channels
Co-developed with Lucasfilm THX, Dolby Digital EX adds one or two matrixed rear center channels. Formerly "Dolby Digital Surround EX," the first film to use this enhanced version of Dolby Digital was "Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace," in 1999.

Dolby Digital Plus - 6.1 and 7.1 Channels
Part of the Blu-ray specification, Dolby Digital Plus supports higher bit rates than EX. Also called "DD+" and "Enhanced AC-3" (E-AC-3).

Dolby TrueHD - 7.1 on Blu-ray
Providing up to 14 discrete sound channels in the complete specification, TrueHD used in Blu-ray movies delivers stereo at 192 kHz and up to eight channels (7.1) at 96 kHz. Introduced in 2006, Dolby TrueHD competes with DTS-HD for high-definition Blu-ray audio formats. HDMI 1.3 cables are required. See Blu-ray, DTS and HDMI.

Dolby Atmos (Object Based)
Introduced in 2012, Atmos allows audio "objects" to be positioned in 3D space. For details, see Dolby Atmos.
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We're excited to be extending our support for Dolby Digital Plus audio to DASH, enabling our customers to bring premium content with high-quality audio to their audiences on any compatible device in a reliable and consistent manner.
According to the company, the DVD Forum has selected Dolby Digital Plus and MLP Lossless as mandatory audio formats for HD DVD, while the Blu-ray Disc Association announced that Dolby Digital will be a mandatory technology on its new format, the Blu-ray Disc.
Windows Azure Media Services is a natural solution for delivering Dolby Digital Plus, with its high scalability and high-quality multichannel audio and premium video content.
The inclusion of Dolby technologies in the Nokia smartphones brings an extra dimension to the capabilities of the phone, transforming it into an HD mobile entertainment device, which can output high-definition (HD) content with Dolby Digital Plus 5.
Launched at Mobile World Congress, the Voddler([R]) implementation of Dolby Digital Plus audio will provide high-quality movie streaming with cinematic Dolby surround sound to select Nokia([R]) devices.
Dolby Digital Plus is the ideal audio solution for artists, operators, carriers, and device makers worldwide and is now available on more than 430 million products, including HDTVs, smartphones, tablets, PCs, game consoles, and Blu-ray([TM]) players.
began streaming Walt Disney Pictures' Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides in Dolby Digital Plus 7.
AIR 3 supports Dolby Digital Plus multichannel audio for connected devices
It has been a leader in the introduction of digital TV services and the move to broadcasting with Dolby Digital Plus means it is one of the first terrestrial HDTV services in Spain to use the sophisticated audio system.
With Cyberlink PowerDVD 11 supporting online content featuring Dolby Digital Plus, consumers can get that great entertainment experience right from the Web.
Using Dolby Digital Plus technology over a Motorola set-top box, Dolby will play content from DreamWorks' Megamind, released in 7.
The built-in audio has 40 watts of power with Dolby Digital Plus and DTS Premium Sound 5.