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small figure of a human being, usually used as a child's toy. The many types of dolls found among the relics of primitive peoples were cult objects. Egypt, Greece, and Rome have left well-preserved dolls of wood, clay, bone, ivory, and bronze that were used symbolically and probably also as childrens' playthings. Puppetspuppet,
human or animal figure, generally of a small size and performing on a miniature stage, manipulated by an unseen operator who usually speaks the dialogue. A distinction is made between marionettes, moved by strings or wires from above, and hand puppets, in which the hand
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 with movable arms and legs were known in ancient Greece. Crèchecrèche
, representation of the Infant Jesus in the manger, usually surrounded by figures of Mary, Joseph, shepherds, animals, and the Wise Men; also called Christmas Crib. The crèche has been displayed in churches during the period from Christmas Eve to Jan.
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 dolls, some of them artistic masterpieces, were used in Roman Catholic lands in representations of the Nativity. From the 15th cent., fashion dolls were popular in Europe as gifts among monarchs and courtiers and were important in the spread of costume styles. Dolls brought to the American colonies exemplified the latest European fashions in dress and coiffure. By the 17th cent., play dolls were commonly used by both boys and girls. Sonneberg, Germany, was noted from the 17th cent. as a center for wooden dolls, and by the 19th cent. the town led also in the making of dolls' china heads. The doll industry in Paris developed dolls that could speak and close their eyes and specialized in high-fashion dolls. The use of papier-mâché early in the 19th cent. stimulated large-scale manufacture. Wood, china, and wax were also used at this time; hard rubber was introduced c.1850, and bisque c.1862. The colonial cornhusk man and the rag doll began as domestic products, but have developed into commercial popular products. Cutout paper dolls are probably derived form the animated cardboard pantins fashionable among French courtiers in the 18th cent. During the 20th cent. doll manufacturing in the United States developed into a huge industry. Dolls have served various functions throughout Asia and Africa. In Japan they are used mainly as ceremonial figures, and in India they are given to child brides. African girls are often given dolls upon reaching sexual maturity; they eventually give these dolls to their firstborn children.


See studies by R. S. Freeman (1972), C. Goodfellow (1986), M. Longenecker (1987), and M. O. Merrill (1985).

What does it mean when you dream about a doll?

Dolls in dreams may indicate children, childhood, or childlikeness. Depending on the dream, they sometimes embody either the persona or the shadow self. Dolls also indicate fashion (as in manikins), beauty (a “doll”), manipulation (as in puppets), and revenge (“voodoo dolls”).


Dolls in dreams are lifeless images of real people. They are suggestive of a person that is not genuine and does not express her feelings. Most dreams are about our personal issues and concerns and not about others. Therefore, think about yourself and try to see if you have been behaving in such ways that have been less than “real.” Dolls as a dream symbol may represent the way you relate and interact with your internal and external environments. If feelings of detachment and phoniness prevail in your daily life, then they may be reflected in this dream.
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The hydromulch has already withstood heavy rain, and Dolle is hopeful that the rehabilitation will hold up against further erosion.
What worried Dolle, though, was putting leads into the hands of agents who were still wet behind the ears, like many he interviewed over an unsuccessful three-month process.
Only on my way here, Dolle phoned me to say this athlete tested positive.
A month later, Le Nouvel Observateur, France's leading left-wing weekly, published a lengthy article by Gerard Petitjean, (10) in which a number of other young writers were launched as "new philosophers" including Jean-Paul Dolle, Andre Glucksmann, Jean Baudrillard, Guy Hocquenhem, and Nikos Poulantzas.
This will be the case whether it's a famed, monk-brewed Trappist ale, such as Roche-fort 8 or Achel Trappist Extra, a malty masterpiece from a secular brewery such as Brasserie des Rocs Grand Cru or De Dolle Stille Nacht, or one of a growing number of domestic, Belgian-style brews such as Allagash Dubbel or Ommegang Ale.
7 billion takeover offer made "industrial sense" but Arcelor chief Guy Dolle said the firms lacked the same vision and values.
Such backing would be a major U-turn by Arcelor and could lead to the shock departure of Arcelor chief executive Guy Dolle who has vigorously opposed the Mittal offer.
In Madrid, Guy Dolle, chairman of Arcelor's executive board, admitted that 29% of the group's shareholders had called for an extraordinary general assembly to decide on the merger with Severstal.
Mittal Steel is hoping to either sway Arecelor CEO Guy Dolle, who has reacted negatively to the deal, or to persuade the board and shareholders to overrule Dolle.
Indicating that these competitiveness objectives - 'objectives we strive to implement day after day in our enterprise' - have enabled Arcelor to become Europe's leading steel producer, Mr Dolle nevertheless touched on his group's current plight and the threat of acquisition.
En psicogenesis, los estudios y publicaciones acerca de la relacion entre biologia y conocimiento, sobre el desarrollo de la inteligencia, acerca del desarrollo del simbolo, de nociones fisicas y matematicas, del desarrollo moral, de la imitacion, de la genesis del juego e incluso, muchas de sus ilustradoras palabras acerca de la pedagogia y la psicologia (2001), parecen intemporales, permanecen aun en los discursos de psicologos, maestros y diversidad de profesionales (Furth y Wachs,1978; Barcellos, 1983; Labinowicz, 1987; Wadsworth, 1995; Dolle, 2000; Taborda y Nieto, 2005).
In the meantime, Dolle had had a positive meeting with Governor Donahey that suggested the Governor could be persuaded to reject the compulsory sterilization legislation.