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Conversion of limestone to dolomite rock by replacing a portion of the calcium carbonate with magnesium carbonate.



the process of enriching calcareous silt (sediment) or limestone with dolomite through the substitution of MgCO3 for part of the CaCO3. There are two types of dolomitization: diagenetic, which occurs in silt during the process of its conversion into sedimentary rock, and epigenic, which occurs in already solidified limestone. Epigenic dolomitization is caused by the action of subterranean waters enriched with magnesium, as they pass through strata of dolomite, ultrabasic igneous rock, and so forth. A complete substitution of dolomite for the calcite rarely oc-curs with these secondary limestone changes. Usually dolomitized limestones are formed.

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In general, the total iron content decreased during dolomitization of carbonate rocks, but its concentration does not change significantly in siliciclastic rocks.
Burrow-facilitated dolomitization is evident in the Ordovician Tyndall Limestone (Red River Group, Selkirk Formation).
These forward-looking statements include the statements that: this well will test an identified primary objective in the Devonian Wabamun formation at a depth of approximately 2800 metres (9180 feet); Dolomitization of the Wabamun is clearly associated with faulting at Saddle Hills and it is expected the case will be the same at Woking; and this prospect is one of the Company's high-impact exploration projects, and has significant production and reserves potential similar to that of Saddle Hills.
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4) Chemical weathering of detrital grains and dolomitization took place also in hard rocks.
Although comparable permeability/ depth data sets are not available from these studies, they are available from studies of dolomitization.
Second, the horizontal demonstrated dolomitization and higher porosity deeper in the reservoir than previously modelled.
The clay probably protected fossils from dolomitization and dissolution, which is seen elsewhere in sandy beds containing rare badly preserved moulds of asaphid fragments.
Anomalous gold and pathfinder elements, as well as intrusive dykes and strong dolomitization, were encountered in the southern most reverse-circulation drill hole.
2), but on Osmussaar similar dolomitization has not occurred and recognition of the three members remains tentative.