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Mintoff, Dominic


Born Aug. 6, 1916, in Cospicua on Malta. Maltese political and governmental figure.

Mintoff attended the University of Malta as well as Oxford, and became an architect. In 1944 he became general secretary of the Labor Party of Malta. From 1947 to 1949 he was deputy prime minister and minister for works and reconstruction in the Labor government. In 1949 he became leader of the Labor Party, and from 1955 to 1958 was prime minister and minister of finance of Malta. In 1971, Mintoff again became prime minister, at the same time serving as foreign minister and minister for Commonwealth affairs.

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Of which country was Dom Mintoff twice prime minister, serving a total of 16 years?
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com Amid Emotional scenes in the main street of the capital Valletta during a state funeral at the end of two days of mourning, on Saturday morning, Malta's former Prime Minister Dom Mintoff , Malta's longest serving prime minister, who died on Monday, aged 96, was laid to rest at the island's main cemetery.
SIR - Dom Mintoff, who died on Monday aged 96, was a fiery Maltese patriot - a socialist who when faced by the perfidy of the then Conservative British Government was forced to take up alliances with states such as Libya.
Dom Mintoff is a name virtually unknown outside of Malta, but he has reigned like a colossus on the tiny Mediterranean isle, which lies between Europe and North Africa.
August6 Born today Maltese statesman Dom Mintoff, 95; actress Barbara Windsor, 74, right, Welsh politician Ron Davies, 65, actress Michelle Yeoh, 49 , cycling champion Chris Boardman, 43, singer Geri Halliwell, 39, and footballer Robin van Persie, 28 1995: Japan mourns Hiroshima anniversary Up to 50,000 people attend a memorial service in the Japanese city of Hiroshima on the 50th anniversary of the first atomic bombing.
In Malta when Dom Mintoff (with Libya's support) was trying to take over the Catholic schools, and my college roommate, who was in the government, saying I was safe for only about 48 hours,
The second such incident occurred on July 6, 1978, when the daughter of the former Maltese Prime Minister, Dom Mintoff, and others, hurled bags of horse manure and straw into the Chamber.
The President of Malta, Dr Geoge Abela and his wife, pay homage to the former Maltese Prime Minister and leader of the Maltese Labour Party, Dom Mintoff at the President's Palace in the capital, Valletta (Photo: Charles Vassallo) The respect the people had for former prime minister and leader of the Labour Party in Malta Dom Mintoff was proved over the past two days when they they first paid homage to him at a cort'ge on thursday, and then filed in their thousands past his coffin to pay their last respects as he was lying in state at the Presidential Palace in the Maltese capital, Valletta on Friday.
FORMER Maltese prime minister Dom Mintoff, who was in power when the island nation became a republic, has died aged 96.
Dom Mintoff, the politician who made an indelible mark on Malta's life like no other Malta is mourning the death of its best known statesman and politician, Dom Mintoff, who died Wednesday night two weeks after celebrating his 96th birthday, at his residence surrounded by his two daughters.
The second such incident occurred in 1978, when the daughter of the former Maltese Prime Minister Dom Mintoff and others hurled bags of horse manure and straw into the Chamber.