Domain Analysis

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Domain Analysis

(systems analysis)
1. Determining the operations, data objects, properties and abstractions appropriate for designing solutions to problems in a given domain.

2. The domain engineering activity in which domain knowledge is studied and formalised as a domain definition and a domain specification. A software reuse approach that involves combining software components, subsystems, etc., into a single application system.

3. The process of identifying, collecting organising, analysing and representing a domain model and software architecture from the study of existing systems, underlying theory, emerging technology and development histories within the domain of interest.

4. The analysis of systems within a domain to discover commonalities and differences among them.
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Dependancies #738 - Diet and Nutrition Orders Domain Analysis Model.
Product Type : Domain Analysis Model (DAM), V3 Messages-Clinical
The domain analysis process produces documentation describing the stakeholders, activities, interactions, and information for a particular domain and serves as the source of requirements used in the design of HL7 standards.
The reader is required to have a basic knowledge of protection equipment and time- domain analysis.
At the booth, service providers can enter to receive a free Domain Analysis Report, to identify compromised accounts in their networks.
Name : Virtual Medical Record Domain Analysis Model, Release 3
1 provides all the conventional DC, transient and frequency domain analysis of SPICE and extensive post-processing capability that allows the user to customize results.
Model-driven domain analysis and software development; architectures and functions.
It covers signal integrity design modeling, time domain analysis, frequency domain analysis, system layout and printed circuit board design, add-in card modules, design validation, and measurement techniques.
The vMR XML Implementation Guide provides guidance on how to implement the semantics of the vMR Domain Analysis Model in an XML format.
These instruments also offer the industry's best integration of real-time and multiple domain analysis, with all interactions available through a single interface.