a city-preserve in Bohemia, in the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, in the foothills of the Český Les Mountains. Here on Aug. 14, 1431, Hussite troops defeated the Crusaders besieging the city. This victory is celebrated in the poetry of Vavřinec of Březové.


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Contract award: swimming pool domazlice - construction work, addition and superstructure.
Kralovec, still just 31, was also hospitalised for four weeks in January after being attacked as he left his office in the town of Domazlice.
In Bohemia the oldest festivals include the International Bagpipes Festival in Strakonice, and festivals in Domazlice, Melnik, Pardubice, Lazne Belohrad and Cerveny Kostelec
The country also has an area - Domazlice, near the German border - where only digital terrestrial signals are available.
Western and Southern Bohemian towns like Strakonice, Domazlice or Cheb, are the principal places where the tradition of bagpipes is still kept up.