Domenico Fetti

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Fetti, Domenico


(also spelled Feti). Born circa 1588 in Rome (?); died Apr. 16, 1623, in Venice. Italian painter.

Fetti studied in Rome under L. Cigoli. He worked in Mantua beginning in 1613 and in Venice beginning in 1622. Influenced by Caravaggio, A. Elsheimer, and the masters of the 16th-century Venetian school, he painted primarily biblical and mythological scenes, for example, The Healing of Tobit (early 1620’s; the Hermitage, Leningrad). He also painted portraits. Fetti is particularly noted for his small paintings depicting parables from the Gospels (Dresden Picture Gallery; Pitti Gallery, Florence).

Fetti treated religious paintings as genre scenes, setting them in landscapes that harmoniously reflected the emotions of his subjects. His works are noteworthy for their precise composition, pure and expressive palette of bright, cold colors, and broad and free brushwork.


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