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BEIRUT: At a time when more and more voices are being raised against the mistreatment of domestic workers in Lebanon, a new association has been formed to defend Lebanese families against allegations of abuse, while rejecting the notion that the housewife is always guilty.
The hiring changes for domestic workers come on the back of a new 'unified maids contract'[euro]oCi that has been accepted by all the member countries of the GCC.
Unlike in other countries, employment contract termination on the basis of pregnancy or illness is prohibited, and HIV testing as a pre-condition for employment of migrant domestic workers is also not imposed in the Territory.
Meanwhile, Al Jassim valued the efforts done by the Ministry of Labour in the State of Qatar, the President of the team work responsible for organizing the work of the domestic workers, as well as the Ministry of Labour in the Kingdom of Bahrain, for the coordination and the good preparation of the meeting through continuous coordination with the Executive Bureau.
But at the same time we also need to ensure that the rights of employers of domestic workers are not neglected.
One of the most successful efforts to unionize domestic workers was led by Jane Street and the Domestic Worker's Industrial Union, IWW Local No.
Domestic worker is a person employed part-time or full-time in a house hold or private residence for remuneration in the form of cash or kind.
We had asked Kuwaiti authorities to stop issuing visas since domestic workers were entering the country illegally and we had no way to track them if [they] faced problems," Jain told The Times of India.
A random check of some of the manpower agencies in the Capital showed that promotion and recruitment of Indonesian domestic workers is still very much active with some even advertising them on their website.
Officials said that by treating domestic workers well, crimes such as attacks on employers, the abuse of children and theft will be reduced.
The primary target group of this project is domestic workers in all regions.
CRCHE facilities should be provided for all working women to reduce dependence on domestic workers, according to a major trade union body.

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