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The country code for Denmark.
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Germain, I don't know that from the point of view of exclusiveness it is any great loss to be here.
I don't know nothink of consequential ground," says Jo, still staring.
I declare," cried Cecilia, completely losing her head, "I'm so excited, I don't know what to do with myself
She wants Evie to stay on, is begging her to, but she doesn't want me, and--and--I don't know what to do.
Words cannot state the amount of aggravation and injury wreaked upon me by Trabb's boy, when, passing abreast of me, he pulled up his shirt-collar, twined his side-hair, stuck an arm akimbo, and smirked extravagantly by, wriggling his elbows and body, and drawling to his attendants, "Don't know yah, don't know yah, pon my soul don't know yah
I don't know, Mr Wrayburn,' answered Bradley, with his passion rising, 'why you address me--'
Then she observed, "We don't know you--we don't know you.
Men have some horse sense, though Sarah don't know it.
I don't know," said the young girl, and she added hastily, "but you were following me also, why were you following me?
The like of you don't know us, don't care for us, don't belong to us.
Marse Tom, you are just putting on; you know it perfectly well; I don't know what makes you act like that - but you always did, even when you was little, and you can't get over it, I reckon.
Lorry, not minding him, "I really don't know what you have to do with the matter.

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