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see DvinaDvina
or Western Dvina,
Ger. Düna, Latvian Daugava, Rus. Zapadnaya Dvina, river, c.635 mi (1,020 km) long, in Russia, Belarus, and Latvia.
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 (Western Dvina), river.
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In her discussion of Simcoe's magisterial gaze, Bonnell shows how the colonists' Lockean imagination of orderly farms along the Don River and in its valley necessitated the destruction of the biophysical basis of Indigenous societies in the region.
By 1982 there were 21 regional and 1 national wildlife reserves in the Don River area; the Rostov State Forest and Hunting Facility is being established currently.
Twenty bridges south of Thornhill, a village thirty kilometres to the north, and all five bridges over the Don River (at Don and Danforth Road (present day Pottery Road), Don (Gerrard) Street, Don Bridge (Queen Street), South Park Street, and the Grand Trunk railway bridge (near Ashbridge's Bay) were demolished in what must have been an awesome display of the force of flowing water (figure 1).
These, and others near the mouth of the Don River, could have been reached by spur lines from the north without difficulty.
The Novovoronezh Nuclear Power Plant, the first Russian VVER plant, is located at the picturesque bend of the Don River, 42 km away from Voronezh.
Boundless Adventures' environmental initiatives in Toronto to aid in the restoration of the Don River watershed while engaging clients with special needs in a constructive and purposeful activity.
The Union Station Rail Corridor, running from the Don River in the east to Strachan Avenue in the west, is about 6.
The Burdekin trust will receive $50,000 to improve water quality by removing debris from the Haughton River and the Don River trust will receive $120,000 for two projects to prevent erosion near the Inverdon Bridge and for bank restoration on the western side of the river s mouth.
7 km section of trail, used by pedestrians and cyclists, runs along the Don River from Pottery Road to Corktown Common.
In the past the program has supported a wide variety of projects, including significance assessments for the Don River Railway and the Wilmot Museum, assistance with a Disaster Preparedness Plan for Woolmers Estate, a grant for a cataloguing project for The Barracks at Willow Court and assistance for a collection management project for the Sound Preservation Association of Tasmania Inc.
Sheafferealizing that further defensive efforts were futile, ordered his regulars to fall back to the east side of the Don River.
Rostov, a city located on Don river near the Azov sea 1000 miles south of Moscow, regularly hosts world-class sporting events.