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Don Giovanni:

see Don JuanDon Juan
, legendary profligate. He has a counterpart in the legends of many peoples, but the Spanish version of the great libertine has become the most universal. At the height of his licentious career, Don Juan seduces the daughter of the commander of Seville and kills her
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A travers l'epaisseur des caracteres, les personnages - aux apparences legeres - de Don Giovanni, le Commandeur, Donna Anna, Don Ottavio, Donna Elvira, Leporello, Masetto et Zerlina, ont renseigne, avec minutie, sur la nature humaine dans sa complexite.
Don Giovanni cast list for October 19 Don Giovanni C Mark Walters Leporello C Ashraf Sewailam Donna Anna C Alexandra LoBianco Donna Elvira C Elizabeth Caballero Don Ottavio C Randall Bills Zerlina C Cecelia Hall Commendatore C Jordan Bisch Masetto C Evan Boyer Conductor C Gary Thor Wedow Stage Director C Chris Alexander
Ed Lyon is a showcase of technique in both his solo performances as Don Ottavio and his moments alongside Anita Watson's Donna Anna.
Welsh soprano Catrin Aur makes a welcome return to Mid Wales Opera after playing the "passionate" Donna Anna in Don Giovanni last year; she will take the role of the formidable Lady Billows, the local lady of the manor.
To show Don Giovanni is an Everyman Don Juan, seducing in all times and places, we have characters costumed from various eras, including some 50s peasants, an 80s Donna Elvira, a modern Don and a Victorian style Donna Anna.
Elizabeth Atherton as Donna Elvira, who misguidedly lusts after the Don, and Meeta Raval as Donna Anna, who hates him because he killed her father, sing beautifully.
There is some wonderful singing, especially from Camilla Roberts as Donna Anna, and Robin Tritschler as her anguished fianc the upright Don Ottavio.
Vocally, Leporello (David Soar) almost upstaged his master, and Nuccia Focile's nuanced, genuinely affecting Donna Elvira stood out amongst Camilla Roberts' robust Donna Anna and Claire Ormshaw's winningly guileless Zerlina.
In 2000, she was back at the Met, playing the commanding role of Donna Anna from Mozart's Don Giovanni, a performance that earned her international recognition for her virtuosity and dramatic urgency.
Possibly the best among the cast was Camilla Roberts as Donna Anna, a powerful stage presence with an equally powerful voice which was subtly adaptable throughout the wide range she is expected to interpret.
Of course Don Giovanni is as much about the people around him and how his actions affect them as it is about Giovanni himself, and WNO has assembled a strong cast who generate a harmonious blend of voices, with Nuccia Focile as Donna Elvira and Camilla Roberts as Donna Anna providing added emotional punch.
The cast varied with some performances well worth paying to see, particularly Camilla Roberts as Donna Anna and David Soar's Leporello.