Doppler beam sharpening

Doppler beam sharpening (DBS)

Doppler beam sharpening (DBS)click for a larger image
A Doppler correction to eliminate background clutter when aircraft radar aerial points in a direction other than straight ahead and consequently the computer breaks each reading into small pieces and reassembles them as a high-resolution map.
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In the 1970s, the Westinghouse AN/APG-66 radar fitted to early-model General Dynamics F-16 fighters offered a Doppler Beam Sharpening (DBS) mode.
Doppler beam sharpening uses a coherent low-PRF radar mode.
Its air-to-ground modes included real-beam ground mapping, expanded ground mapping and Doppler beam sharpening.
Doppler beam sharpening relied on the processing of Doppler shift, so was only available at angles between 15 and 60 degrees off the aircraft's velocity vector.
The resolution available from Doppler beam sharpening is limited by the antenna dwell time--the length of time for which the patch of terrain being observed is illuminated by the radar beam.
The basic radar offered 40:1 high-resolution Doppler beam sharpening, but some versions of the radar were offered with synthetic aperture imaging.
CDT), Jeremy Hodgson will drive a talk titled, "Terminal Guidance Using a Doppler Beam Sharpening Radar.
RadarWorks provides the capability to simulate imaging radar systems including synthetic aperture radar, real-beam ground mapping, and Doppler beam sharpening.