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Due to Multi user access elevation, the relative high-speed movement between satellite and mobile users makes the larger range of Doppler frequency shift.
max]/K, the detected Doppler frequency of this target is placed in the wrong frequency domain.
Compared with ambient noise and reverberation has its unique characteristics, one of the most important, the reverberation is caused by the emission signal, and has close relation with the environment, and the waveguide, therefore spectral properties of the reverberation and the target echo signal under the condition of the Doppler frequency shift is correlation is very strong, and present a strong non-stationarity.
di] are the complex-valued scattering coefficient, spatial frequency, and Doppler frequency of the ith clutter patch, respectively.
The parameters also include time delay, resolution, doppler frequency resolution, side-lobes in both range and doppler.
Therefore, a physical property of millimeter-waves can be exploited to gain larger Doppler frequency shifts than in the case of using the microwave band.
In this paper, a non-correlation algorithm, DMNUFFT, which is based on quantifying effects of Doppler frequency shift with the numerical computational method (NCM) [11, 12], is proposed.
Moving a hand or foot causes the receiver to detect a pattern of changes known as the Doppler frequency shift.
The last step in STAP processing, optimum matched filtering, was used to filter out the clutter contributions consisting of transmitter signature at zero Doppler frequency to get the target signature.
They cover basic concepts like physics and instrumentation and Doppler frequency spectrum analysis and ultrasound blood flow imaging, then the ultrasound assessment, normal findings, management, and other aspects of cerebral vessels, extremity arteries and veins, and the abdomen and pelvis.