Doris Day

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Doris Day
Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff
BirthplaceCincinnati, Ohio U.S.
Actress, singer, animal rights activist

Day, Doris (b. Kapplehoff)

(1924–  ) singer, actress; born in Cincinnati, Ohio. Borrowing her stage name from a song ("Day by Day"), she sang with the Bob Crosby band and with Fred Waring but it wasn't until her recording of "Sentimental Journey" with Les Brown's band (1944) that she gained national popularity. Her singing was sweet, smooth, and intimate, and because she looked like everyone's ideal "girl next door," she was soon making light romantic comedies, 39 movies altogether. In 1968, on the death of her third husband and manager, Marty Melcher, she discovered he had either mismanaged or embezzled her life's earnings, so she went back to work on television with the "Doris Day Show." In 1974 she was also awarded some $22 million in damages from the lawyer who had helped her husband-manager.
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The performing arts student of Liverpool Hope University said: 'They asked if I would come and be Doris Day singing Que Sera Sera - and I had never even heard of her.
Torres directs it all with the requisite Doris Day sparkle and fizz, plus a heady dose of samba and scenery.
Spay Day USA is a wonderful example of how individuals and communities across the nation can work together to make a difference in the lives of animals and people," said Doris Day, DDAF's founder and president.
I love the movies so it means I'll get a better view of Doris Day as well.
Hu even popped up as an associate producer on the hyped virtual Doris Day flick Billy's Hollywood Screen Kiss.
And Lanterns takes the retro-inspiration to a new level, with swimwear and cover-ups that are one part Doris Day, and one part Maryanne from "Gilligan's Island.
Matching handbags and shoes, coifed do's, false eyelashes, big, splashy Hollywood-style entrances in satin jewel-colored capes - the fashion, like the rest of this film, winks at the suggestively titled, double-entendre sex comedies of the late 1950s and early '60s that starred Doris Day and Rock Hudson.
In the movie - described as a homage to the 1960s sex comedies starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day - Ewan will play a playboy journalist who falls for an agony aunt, played by Bridget Jones star Zellweger.
In fact, Hitchcock even remade himself at one point, turning out a 1956 wide-screen color version of his 1934 classic The Man Who Knew Too Much, with the newer film starring James Stewart and Doris Day.
In a nutshell: Head-spinningly clever rethink of those early-1960s Doris Day no-sex comedies.
SINGER Caroline Bell who took off Doris Day on TV's Stars in Their Eyes told yesterday how it ruined her life.
Rock Hudson is best known for his bedroom comedy roles, costarring with Doris Day in such movies as Pillow Talk (1959), and for being the first celebrity to announce he had AIDS.