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Wordsworth, Dorothy:

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1770–1850, English poet, b. Cockermouth, Cumberland. One of the great English poets, he was a leader of the romantic movement in England. Life and Works

In 1791 he graduated from Cambridge and traveled abroad.
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This is to say that Dorothy Wordsworth has been treated as a marginal figure of Romanticism, and, indeed, her writings often occur in the margins of the Wordsworth family archives.
The appearance of Dorothy Wordsworth at this point in the poem is rather unexpected, to say the least, and it is no less surprising that Wordsworth sees in her a representative of his former self.
She is currently starring as Dorothy Wordsworth in Pandaemonium, but managed to escape the madness and get on the blower to us.
A l'ecole Coleridge Everyone was Dorothy Wordsworth Certains furent Keats And some were Shelley Mais l'instruction journaliere une lois accomplie Ces identites s'en etaient allees.
Dorothy Wordsworth had a passion for the particular; she invested the ordinary and mundane with a power that continues to fascinate.
The short of it is that a play does now exist, courtesy of Sue whose past endeavours include a drama about Dorothy Wordsworth.
She studies the great (including Darwin, Eliot and Hopkins) but also the talented amateurs such as Dorothy Wordsworth (whose brother stole his every other word from her) and other Enlightenment, Romantic and Victorian practitioners.
For a real sense of the Lakes in the Spring, go to the prose of Dorothy Wordsworth, whose entry in her diary of April 15 1802, gives an account of the whole walk when the brother and sister spotted the flowers.
The text is divided into two roughly equal sections with the first devoted to analysis (childhood and the growth of the mind, imagination, old age, social issues and nature and the supernatural) and the second, to the 'context and the critics' (the poets' politics, reading and writing in eighteenth-century England, the poet as critic and theorist, Dorothy Wordsworth and the Lake Poets and critical responses to the poem).
Also in the cast are Samuel West, as poet Robert Southey - who wrote The Three Bears - and Samantha Morton and Emily Woof, who play Dorothy Wordsworth and Sara Coleridge.
The poet wasn't home, but Dorothy Wordsworth made them welcome and Hazlitt was allowed to leaf through the as-yet-unpublished Lyrical Ballads.