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, Ger. and Swed. Dorpat, city (1994 pop. 105,844), E Estonia, a port on the Ema River. The second largest city of Estonia, it is an important industrial and cultural center and a rail junction.
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, Estonia.
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el Instituto de Senckenberg en Frankfurt en 1776 y el Instituto de Dorpat (1803-1825/27) y del tipo de Sommering en Greifswald (1854/55).
An mich wiederholt er abermals die Abneigung, nach Dorpat zu gehen, und warum?
In one study, Dorpat (1987), after acknowledging freedom-as-choice, then proposed that positive freedom (self-regulation, self-mastery, self-direction) in the sense of rational choice among competing alternatives is nothing more than part and parcel of consciousness and psychic function.
A Physiological-Chemical Investigation by Friedrich Bidder (1810-1894) and Carl Schmidt (1822-1894) of the University of Dorpat.
79) However, in 1821 a Dorpat University German publication praised the utility of Jakob's texts for Russian students.
31) A letter from the city of Dorpat (Derpt, modern-day Tartu, in Estonia) to Riga written in 1557 showed that at least some in the West (and even some among those cities allegedly most threatened by Russia) knew that that country was not as backward in terms of military technology as they acclaimed.
The highly successful Hanse prospered from the twelfth to the sixteenth century, comprising among others Lubeck, Bremen, and Koln (today German); Stettin and Danzig (today Polish), Kaliningrad (today Russian); Riga, Reval, and Dorpat (today parts of the Baltic republics); and Groningen and Deventer (today Dutch).
The topics most of its ten contributors address (they all write in German, though the volume carries an English subtitle) do in fact provide a conspectus of German-language theatrical activity in north-east Europe during the three centuries spanned by its title, with particular focus on Riga, Reval, and theatrical life in that once influential university city, Dorpat, between 1583 and 1914.
Karl Ernst Heinrich Schmidt (1822-1894), the lecturer for chemistry at the University at Dorpat (now Tartu, Estonia), received his education in Berlin through Heinrich Rose (1795-1864) and Friedrich Wohler (1800-1882); Schmidt engaged in physiological studies, principally concerning crystalline substances in urine, blood and milk.
This is a gross distortion of recent history, when the state of Muscovy was one of four contenders fighting for control of lands held by the Livonian Order and the bishops of Riga, Dorpat and Osel: Ivan IV's forces were driven from the fray by the combined efforts of Swedish and Polish forces, and it was Polish, not Russian-held territory that Sweden eventually captured in the 1620s.
Newly inspired by this artistic epiphany, Kandinsky promptly turned down the offer of a law professorship at the University of Dorpat (Tartu, Estonia) and went to Munich, where he became an overage art student enrolling first at a private school run by Anton Azebe and, later, at the Munich Academy.
Yaroslav the Wise of Kiev is melediously rebaptized "Yuriev of Keiv"; Yuriev was Yaroslav's name for the town of Dorpat.