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England: see DorsetDorset,
county (1991 pop. 645,200), 1,025 sq mi (2,655 sq km), SW England, on the English Channel. The county seat is Dorchester, and the county is divided into six administrative districts: West Dorset, Weymouth and Portland, North Dorset, Purbeck, East Dorset, and Christchurch.
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Competitors arrived in the picturesque Dorsetshire resort and set up camp some weeks beforehand as we enjoyed a family holiday.
Nato nel Dorsetshire nel 1665 in una famiglia di ricchi proprietari terrieri devoti cattolici e zelanti fautori degli Stuarts, ridotti quasi in poverta dalle persecuzioni religiose e traversie politiche del tempo, fu educato da tutori privati e poi a Douai in Francia, nel Collegio degli Inglesi, una scuola per giovani cattolici in esilio che si avviavano alla carriera ecclesiastica.
George was a Methodist preacher and the leader of the six Dorsetshire farm labourers who were tried, convicted and sentenced to transportation for swearing a secret oath and forming a union to fight against a succession of wage cuts inflicted by the local landowner.
The larger setting is the seaside town of Lyme Regis, on the border of Devonshire and Dorsetshire, but the specific location is the Cobb, a stone pier designed to compensate for Lyme's otherwise unsafe portage.
However, after the 5 April attack on Colombo and the subsequent sinking of the British cruisers Dorsetshire and Cornwall, suspicion built among Nagumo's staff that British carriers might be nearby after all.
Appleton At the outbreak of war, Albert joined the 1st Battalion of the Dorsetshire Regiment, part of the 5th Division of the British Expeditionary Force.
Around 1931, Ian was sent to England to attend an innovative public school in Bryanston, Dorsetshire.
These unfounded assumptions are relieved by a useful synopsis of "The Dorsetshire Labourer" (p.
Thomas Hardy's The Dorsetshire Labourer and Wessex.
d) c1330 Arthur & Merlin, Dorsetshire (sSW) [676] 3 NIM (nam 2, nomen 1) 16 TAK (tok/e/n 14, take/n 2)
He was commissioned into the Dorsetshire Regiment in 1915 and joined the Royal Flying Corps in the following year.
Volume 3: Life on the Land: the 1880s contains Thomas Hardy's essay on the Dorsetshire farm labourer as well as pieces by Augustus Jessop and Richard Jefferies, not, it has to be said, two of the most astute commentators on the rural poor.